The power of for SMEs embracing a waste-free economy: 2Good2Go multiplier event Skillman Alliance Summit 2024, June 4th in Lucca

At just a blink from its launch, the Skillman network is already at its tenth year of activities and gaining ever more momentum for its outstanding accomplishments.  The Skillman.EU project, which was born as a match-point between the manufacturing job market, sectorial training and skilled professionals,  has now become the largest multilateral network today, boasting contacts and collaborations in over 95 countries worldwide. The secret to its success can most certainly be linked to the intuition of a changing manufacturing market and the need to provide operators new tools and skills to work towards a more sustainable and inclusive future.


At two weeks away from its yearly summit, the Skillman team is preparing to welcome its European members at the Skillman Alliance Summit 2024 in the prestigious 17th-century Villa Cheli nested in the bucolic setting of Lucca’s green countryside. In this magnificent venue, the skillman community will present examples of the network’s best practices, share strategies for developing new ideas, and meet with experts from the educational and professional field.


Among the guests there to represent Tuscany, there will be Fondazione Toscana Sostenibile (FTS) to present the results from its 2GOOD2GO journey, a project co-funded by the European Union, aimed at encouraging to embrace a waste-free economy. Coordinated by PAIZ Konsulting Sp. z o.o., the project brought together a strategic partnership of 5 European countries (Croatia, Italy, Lituania, Poland, and Bulgaria) to introduce waste free economy models into SMEs and everyday lives, and take actions that contribute effectively to the sustainability transition. For the Italian part, works have been directed by environmental engineer Simone Pagni and made possible thanks to the involvement of key stakeholders at regional and local level, including manufacturing companies, start-ups, representative organizations such as the CNA of Pisa and prestigious Universities such as the School of Advanced Studies Sant’Anna.


In Lucca, the FTS team will be represented by Carla Sabatini and Manuella Walker during a multiplier event to explain the activities, its results and the benefits its implementation will bring to the territory. For more information on the upcoming summit and the skillman network, visit the homepage


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Fondazione Toscana Sostenibile represents Italy in a new Erasmus+ project to introduce waste-free economy models   “Too Good To Go ( – Waste Free Economy Transformation for...
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The power of for SMEs embracing a waste-free economy: 2Good2Go multiplier event Skillman Alliance Summit 2024, June 4th in Lucca